Sponsoring continuing education credits (CEC) is an excellent way to open doors and reinforce your relationship with your customers by meeting their needs for continuing education - the knowledge and the credits. Also, sponsoring CEC is an excellent way to brand your company as one maintaining a high level of clinical expertise that your customers can depend upon.

Working with Ganesco to sponsor CEC lets us bear the responsibility for documentation, record maintenance, certificates, and reporting requirements to the accrediting agencies – and lets you focus on the relationship with your customers. You may even have internal company training documentation needs that our software platforms can manage.

When it comes to CECs, Ganesco can offer the following:
  • Online CEC to your customers,
  • Webinars offering accredited courses, and
  • Management of that conference you have been thinking about. 
Please be advised though, sponsors do not control or develop course content for the public – though we can work with your team to develop content to address your customers’ knowledge gaps. If Ganesco is not working with you to address knowledge gaps, we advise companies to sponsor the curriculum which is most closely related to the company's areas of business interest.

If your company is interested in sponsoring Continuing Education and would like to discuss the marketing opportunities sponsorship provides, reach out today.