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All discount codes are case sensitive. Many codes apply only to specific courses, and can only be used a set number of times. Please verify with your sponsor which courses the discount code can be used on and how many courses you can take with that code. 
When you create an account on the Ganesco site, the system sends an email to verify the address. The email is sent automatically - it may be in your spam folder, your system may have blocked it completely, or you may have mistyped your email address.  So check your spam folder and doublecheck the email address - and yes, people really do mistype the address. 

If you still do not see, use the Resend Verification icon to send it again. Look for it right away.  If you do not see it, your email system may have blocked it. Add as a safe sender and try again.  If you are using a work email system (an address and/or a work computer), you may need to switch to a personal email address. 
Yes, you can always retrieve another copy of your certificate if you completed the evaluation.

You can sign in and retrieve it yourself if the course was taken after May 1, 2023.  If you took the course before that May 1, 2023, please use the Help Icon and tell us that - Ganesco will retrieve the certificate from the older version of the software for you. It may take a few days - that system is archived but we will get it for you. 
First, are you sure you completed your evaluation - you did select submit, right?

If you chose a direct download, the certificate may be hiding behind some other open files - so look around - you may have to close open files to see it. 

If you selected to send the certificate via email, please check your spam folder. If it is not in the spam folder, try to send it again - but check that email carefully.  You would be surprised at how many times a letter is left out...It is possible that the security settings on your email system - particularly if it is a work email - have blocked the email with the certificate. We recommend you try a personal email address. 
There are two sections to look for courses - one is My Courses and the other is Online Courses. When you start a course it automatically is listed under My Courses.  

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