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The ethics CRCE or Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Examination of late is becoming quite popular thanks to the amount of work needed the world over. It becomes important that you take the right exam and serve people around you. If you are a person who has compassion for others, then that sole nature in you is enough to take the ethics CRCE or Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Examination.

In this article, I'm giving some information on the ethics CRCE or the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Examination. First of all, you require a passing score on three examinations for grand parenting:

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Examination

National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Examination (NCMHCE)

A California jurisprudence and ethics examination, when developed by the board

The Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) will not be involved in the administration of the national examinations for grand parenting.

The National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Examination (NCMHCE): Counselors who have already passed these exams do not need to re-take them. You can get additional information on how scores will be forwarded to the BBS will be available. Counselors who have not passed these national examinations will be able to take them during the grand parenting period.

The National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) will administer the NCE and the NCMHCE, normally during the first two weeks of the month, starting May 2010 and continuing throughout the grandfathering period. NBCC will forward the scores of those who take the examinations during this period directly to the BBS. The cost will be $185 for the NCE or for the NCMHCE.

The Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Examination: The ethics CRCE will be accepted for one of the exams required for grand parenting. The second exam is the National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Exam (NCMHCE) described above. If you have already passed the ethics CRCE then you need not re-take it. Counselors who have not passed the ethics CRCE will be able to take it in time for grandparenting.

I'm giving below some of the websites from which you can find more information that may interest you.

National Board for Certified Counselors List of Resources:, you can get a list of providers of study materials for the NCE and the NCMHCE.

Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification:, you can contact the CRCC for information about the ethics CRCE.

I hope the above information was useful for you and best of luck with your ethics CRCE exam.

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